Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™

Big City now offers Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ which is the perfect engraving product for all outdoor applications because of its UV stability and scratch resistance. Common applications include indoor and outdoor signage, professional plates, and directories. Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ is available in glossy, matte, or textured surface finishes for surface or subsurface engraving.

gravoglas 2-plex

Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ Material Range

Benefits of Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™

Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ Specifications

Finish Matte, Glossy, Textured
Composition DR Acrylic
Engraving Depth 0.3mm (.012")
Full Sheet 1220mm x 610mm
(48" x 24")
Half Sheet 610mm x 610mm
(24" x 24")
Quarter Sheet 610mm x 305mm
(24" x 12")