Gravostrat™ Phenolic

Big City now offers Gravostrat™ phenolic, an engraving material commonly used because of its non-flammable and flame retardant qualities as well as military grade specifications. With these qualities, the most widely used application is industrial identification and signage.

gravostrat phenolic

Gravostrat™ Phenolic Material Range:

Benefits of Gravostrat™ Phenolic

Gravostrat™ Phenolic Specifications

Finish Low glare
Composition Rigid thermoset material
Engraving Depth 0.3mm (.012")
Full Sheet 1220mm x 914mm
(48" x 36")
Half Sheet 1220mm x 457mm
(48" x 18")
Quarter Sheet 610mm x 457mm
(24" x 18")
Other Size 610mm x 914mm
(24" x 36")