Propen M7000 / XM700 Handheld Marking Machine

This handheld metal marking machine identifies permanently all bulky or difficult to access products and equipment.

  • Powerful: Deep mark on the hardest surfaces.
  • Ergonomic: makes marking easy on vertical or inclined surfaces.
  • High quality marks: permanent marking on any shape and material.
  • Flexible connectivity for easy data exchange with a PC, a code reader or a USB key.
  • The deepest mark in its class.
  • Marking area: 80 x 30 mm

Blue handheld metal marking machine

"Touch’n Mark": Intuitive touch-screen interface.

Large navigation icons give direct access to desired functions with your finger, a stylus, and even wearing a glove. The M7000 provides full mobility. The integrated control unit and the powerful belt battery allows you to mark everything everywhere, even outdoors.

  • Reliable: Robust components and shock-resistant composite materials.
  • Economical: No consumables or maintenance, stylus point can be resharpened.
  • Ready to mark: Operational out of the box. No special set-up or training required. Begin marking immediately using local language menus.
  • Identification of large and heavy equipment or difficult to access products.
  • Deep marking on hard materials, rough, painted parts (tubes, steel structures...).
  • Direct part marking before treatment (galvanizing, shotblasting, sandblasting, anti-corrosion paintings...).
  • Easily transformed into stand alone machine to mark small parts and plates.
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Technical Specifications

Main CharacteristicsEnvironment
Energy electromagnetic Electrical Supply 100 to 240V
Marking Zone 80 x 30mm Power Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Characters size from 1.5 to 28mm in step of 0.1mm Operating Temperature 5 to 45C
Dimensions L=580mm, W=280mm, H=734mm Compressed air supply Air pressure 5.5 bar nominal/81 PSI Ø 1/4" pneumatic female gas connector. Equipped with air treatment.
Weight 34kg    
Standard marking tool PN22 or EM11/c    

Complete range of accessories:

  • Support column
  • Lighting of the marking area
  • Side handle (rightor left-handing)
  • Lifting ring for balancer
  • Barcode reader
  • Water-proof suitcase on wheels
Man using blue handheld metal marking machine

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