Gravotech Laser Table LS100

The LS100 Laser Table is an easy-to-operate and compact laser engraver to cut and mark a wide range of materials. With its premium build, low maintenance, and dedicated software, this small laser etching machine is the solution to be trusted for any application.

LS100 is a premium solution, it is the only gantry laser on the market made of one-piece aluminum chassis, that includes multi-technology professional CAD/CAM software and an RF laser source. LS100 is a silent and compact laser engraver adaptable to industrial, commercial, and office settings.

Engrave glass, create plastic labels, shape acrylic, wood, cut, mark, and define folding lines on paper. One by one or by batches, the LS100 improves your productivity thanks to time-saving features, automatic touch sensing, an embedded control dashboard, and a backlit marking table with a wide frontloading door. 

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Key Features

  • Smart laser engraver - the LS100 is automated, silent and space-efficient 
  • Multi-technology software 
  • Perfect fit - LS100EX etching machine perfectly fits in an industrial, commercial, or office environment.  
  • Print & Cut technology - Print & Cut is a Gravotech technology created in partnership with Mimaki 
  • Energy version - a low-cost Energy configuration 

Technical Specifications

Main CharacteristicsEquipment
LS100EX CO2 LS100EX Fiber
Laser Source CO2 Fiber
Available Power Version 30W - 35W - 40W - 55W - 60W 20W
Available Lenses 1.5" - 2.0" - 2.5" 3.5" - 4.0" 2.0" - 3.0" - 4.0"
Marking Area Max 650 x 630 mm (24 x 24 in) 650 x 630 mm (24 x 24 in)
Max Object Height 140 mm (5.7 in) 114 mm (4.5 in)
Max Object Weight 15 kg (33lbs) 15 kg (33lbs)
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 1025 x 725 x 450 1025 x 725 x 450
Machine Weight 70 kg (154.3 lbs) 66 kg (145.5 lbs)
Z Axis Auto 140 mm (5.512 in) 114 mm (4.5 in)
Noise <72 <60
Point & shoot Yes Yes
Operating temperature 10 C (50 F) - 35 C (95 F) 10 C (50 F) - 35 C (95 F)
Connection to computer USB USB
Maximum speed 2540 mm/s (100,000 in/s) Up to 1500 (59.055 in/s)
Classification CDRH: Class 2 CDRH: Class 2
Beam Diameter 0.1 to 0.4 mm 0.1 to 0.4 mm

Easy-to-use GravoStyle Software 

Gravostyle™ is a professional engraving and cutting software that puts Gravotech engraving expertise within reach. Benefit from advanced possibilities and save time! Some unique features available include Braille, Photostyle, Print & Cut, and more. The software/machine interaction streamlines and improves your day-to-day engravings with functions like Point & Shoot.  


  • LS100EX Fiber 3" lens (#71684)
  • LS1000-EX cylindrical attachment (5.12/130mm max diameter / tiltable) (#83233)
  • 3-Jaw Chuck for cylindrical clamping (requires 25820 adaptor for use with V2 cylindrical units) (#27161)
  • Adaptor - Chuck (allows attachment 3-Jaw Chuck onto V2 Cylindrical attachment) (#25820)
  • ES10 - stand-alone extractor on wheels (#60998)
  • LE150 HP -Stand integrated Filtration System (#50106)
  • LS100EX stand on wheels (#65841)


The Gravotech Laser Table can be applied to a variety of different surfaces and components:  

  • Engraving & laser cutting custom ink stamps  
  • Funeral plaques and headstones engraving  
  • Pet and dog tags engraving  
  • POP displays and sign engraving 
  • Express Engraver 
  • ID Tags  

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