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We offer custom nameplates in both metal and plastic.

Stock Metal & Plastic Tags

As a leading metal and plastic tags manufacturer, Big City Manufacturing is the source for metal and plastic identification tags, nameplates, labels, decals and signs for an endless array of applications. Our identification products are manufactured in a variety of materials, from common metals like stainless steel, aluminum and brass to special plastics and paper, like Tyvek. Services such as embossing, stamping and engraving are also available for all of our metal and plastic tags, allowing you to create the customized tags and nameplates you need to meet the requirements of your industry.

When you need a high-quality and trusted manufacturer of metal and plastic tags, labels, and nameplates, look no further than Big City Manufacturing. We will work with you through every step of the process to ensure your satisfaction upon receiving your final, customized identification product.

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    Big City Manufacturing offers a variety of custom and stock metal and plastic tag options. We carry brass, aluminum and stainless steel tags in many shapes and sizes.

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    In addition to manufacturing tags, name plates and other identification products, we offer metal marking machines, including embossing and metal stamping machines.

    Marking Equipment
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    Whether you already have specifications in place or need assistance with size, layout and production, Big City can work with you step by step to ensure you get the exact name plates you need.

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    We produce OSHA compliant safety signs, labels and placards that abide by the safety guidelines required by OSHA. Signs in stock include danger, warning, caution, instructional and bio hazard.

    Safety Identification

Custom Metal & Plastic Identification Tags

Are you in immediate need of custom identification tags? Well, unlike other metal and plastic tag manufacturers, Big City Manufacturing offers a variety of custom and stock metal and plastic tag options ready for same-day shipping! By carrying brass, aluminum and stainless steel tags in many different shapes and sizes, we are able to provide you with metal tags and label solutions that . With decades of experience as a metal and plastic tag manufacturer, we have the expertise to design and manufacture custom tag sizes that can be fabricated according to your specifications. Any metal or plastic tag can be numbered, lettered or serialized, providing even more options for customization. At Big City Manufacturing, we also specialize in marking and stamping tags for your specific job requirements. 

  • Hose Tags
    Hose Tags
  • LDAR Tags
    LDAR Tags
  • Valve Tags
    Valve Tags
  • Blank Metal Tags
    Blank Metal Tags
  • Marked Metal Tags
    Marked Metal Tags
  • Paper & Plastic Tags
    Paper & Plastic Tags
  • Numbered Tags
    Numbered Tags
  • Barcode Tags
    Barcode Tags

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As a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic tags, our tags, nameplates, and labels come in a wide variety of materials to meet your application requirements. Just a few of our tag materials include aluminum, brass, plastic, and stainless steel. 

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We manufacture metal and plastic tags for a variety of industries and applications. Some of our most common industries include Aerspace, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical. 

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