Blank & Anodized Aluminum Identification Tags

Blank & Anodized Aluminum Tags

Big City Manufacturing offers a variety of blank and anodized aluminum tags including stock and custom options to fit your requirements. Aluminum tags can be customized through marking, stamping, embossing and engraving. Also, if you need a colored metal tag solution for color-coding purposes then anodized aluminum tags is the tag of choice as aluminum can be dyed with any color.

Aluminum tags are strong and durable, yet lightweight, versatile and easy to work with. Anodized aluminum tags are an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel and brass tags. However, if your application calls for high temperatures, we suggest looking into our brass tags which can withstand temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need a tag that is even more heat-resistant, our stainless steel tags maintain integrity in temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although aluminum does not offer the heat-resistance of brass or stainless steel, our anodized aluminum tags and blanks have very high corrosion-resistant properties and withstand extreme wear over time. We offer aluminum tags in 3000 and 4000 series. These blank aluminum tags are a popular choice for tree tags, utility pole tags, production lines, numbered inventory and tool or equipment checks.


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Customize Your Blank Aluminum Tag

We manufacture blank aluminum metal tags ranging from .005 to .250 in thickness to meet the requirements of your specific application. We also have blank aluminum tags in stock that are .040” to .050” thick. Shapes include round, square, and rectangular. Aluminum stock tags feature smooth edges, radius corners, and industry standard holes.

Disclaimer: This is not a proof for your final product. The above tag builder will only be used for initial quote correspondence only.

Anodized Aluminum Tags

Anodized aluminum tags have gone through an electrolytic passivation process. The process of anodizing increases the tags' resistance to corrosion and wear, and allows better adhesion of paint primers and glues than a bare metal. Because of anodizing, we can offer anodized aluminum tags that can withstand harsh conditions in many industries.

There is a high contrast between the surface color and the engraving which makes for another advantage of anodized aluminum tags. Anodized aluminum tags can be deep rotary engraved in which the engraving cutter cuts through the anodized layer and into the core aluminum. This way, the engraving is a bright silver color in contrast to the color on the surface of the tag.

Anodized Aluminum Tag Colors

Anodized aluminum tags are the ideal option for applications requiring colored metal tags. This is because the aluminum has gone through an anodization process so that the aluminum can be dyed with any color. After the aluminum tag is dyed, we seal the dye into the aluminum tag with a coating that becomes a permanent part of the anodized aluminum tag.

In addition to aluminum’s natural silver hue, color anodized tags are stocked in a variety of options. Choose from gold, copper, red, blue and green. Perfect for color-coding, identification and numbered applications, natural and color anodized aluminum tags and plates are the same thickness as other metal tag options, and suitable for stamping or engraving into.

Marking, Stamping & Embossing Solutions

We also offer a series of hand-operated and automated machines to purchase for any marking, stamping and embossing requirements you may have for your aluminum tags and nameplates:

  • Portable Marking Kits - these marking tools allow you to add data to your aluminum tags and plates wherever you may go.
  • Manual Stamping Equipment - stamp letters, numbers and punctuation into your aluminum tags and nameplates manually with a machine that allows for adjustable impression depth.
  • Automated Marking Machines - easy to use marking machines that allow you to meet your marking requirements quickly and efficiently with no training required.
  • Metal Embossing Machine - cost effective alternative to stamping with a 25% increase in production speeds. Accommodates aluminum plates with either manual or automatic loading and unloading.

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