Custom Metal Identification Tags

Do you need custom identification tags?  Big City Manufacturing offers a variety of custom and stock metal and plastic tag options. Most stock tags are ready for same day shipping! We carry brass, aluminum and stainless steel tags in many shapes and sizes. Custom tag sizes can be fabricated according to your specifications. Any tag can be numbered, lettered or serialized. We specialize in marking tags to meet your specific job requirements

custom metal tags

Custom Identification Tags

At Big City Manufacturing, we offer stock and custom options for both metal and plastic tags. Our customizable metal tags and plastic tags include the options of stamping, engraving and marking for personalization. Additionally, we offer many sizes and materials to meet the requirements of any application, whether for simple identification or identification of products in harsh environments.

Metal ID Tags for External Use

Our customizable tags are made to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Permanent identification options include Stainless Steel  (type 304 and 316 grade) , brass and aluminum. These materials are ideal for use in outdoor environments. All three options can be marked, stamped, embossed or engraved.

ID Tags for Interior Use

Plastic, vinyl and Tyvek are all durable materials that will hold up for all of your identification applications. Big City produces everything from signage to labels and decals. Foil and paper cardstock are also great identification tag materials are an affordable solution, either stock or customized.

Great ID tag solutions are a call away. Find yours now when you contact us today.

Tag MaterialFeaturesAdditional Info
Stainless Steel Available in 304 and 316 grades RFQ
Brass Used in the mining industry, for valve tags and also for wider industrial identification. RFQ
Aluminum Available in 3000 and 4000 grade series. High corrosion resistance and durability. RFQ