Engraved Plastic Tags, Labels & Nameplates

At Big City Manufacturing, we offer engraved plastic tags, nameplates, and phenolic labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, and plastic material since our company began in 1976. Suitable for a wide range of uses, our engraved plastic tags are available in any size needed to meet your application.

Our plastics range from 1/32” to 1/8” thick and are 2 ply (meaning the material has a core that is 1 color and a top piece that is another color). Different materials for our engraved plastic tags are available for harsh environments or indoor use.

Both stock and custom plastic tags can be engraved with a wide variety of type styles, simple logos and graphics. Engraving depth and text size requirements  for ASTM D6400 plastic labels can be met as well.

Our phenolic labels and tags are manufactured with the electrical industry top of mind. Our labels and tags are UV resistant plastic, offering protection from weathering and corrosion due to outdoor elements. Additionally, our phenolic labels and tags provide unmatched protection offering near zero electrical conductivity along with resistance to both high temperatures and extreme chemical exposure.

Our plastic tags, labels and phenolic nameplates provide unmatched durability to scratching, tearing, and marring. 

Engraving Acrylic

Common terms often used to reference plastic engraved tags include; phenolic, Bakelite, fibrous board, Gravoply, laminate, 2-ply, 3- ply and plastic. All terms are relatively correct in describing this acrylic-based material that offers a variety of overlays and thickness options.

Although phenolic is not as widely used in the tags and signage industry today, we are comfortable knowing that if you request phenolic for your nameplates or labeling needs, we will be ready to supply that type of specific, resin-based material, unless we believe we have another suggestion that will better suit your requirements.

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Plastic Engraved Tag Applications

Plastic tags are used for labeling electrical circuits, operational panels and areas that specify tags to be non-metallic. Phenolic plates designating procedure, safety, and capacity information as well as barcodes are made using this UV and weather-resistant material.

Color combinations and sizes
We work with your specifications regarding the color of tag, color of text, plate size and thickness, as well as specific type style and size.

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