Plastic & Paper Identification Tags

Paper & Plastic ID Tags

Big City Manufacturing offers both paper and plastic identification (id) tags that have many customizable features to fit your needs. Card stock ID tags are available in a variety of colors that allow easy product and equipment identification. We also offer manila tags as a traditional identification option.

vinyl blank tag

Tyvek Tags

Tyvek tags are available in white and created to look and feel just like paper. These tags are composed of plastic-based fiber, making them durable when it comes to water and tearing. These tags remain a go-to choice with the many durability benefits while remaining lightweight.

Custom Paper Tags

Make your paper tags unique by identifying your products with wired manila tags. These wired paper tags are created with a pre-attached wire frame for extra durability that will prevent tearing and fraying on the edges of your tags.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use, our engraved plastic tags are available in a large variety color combinations and range of sizes, or any size needed to meet your application.

    Engraved Plastic Tags

Write-on Aluminum Tags

Big City Manufacturing offers the best in aluminum metal tags. We carry both custom and stock tags that can be written on to indent text into the aluminum with a ballpoint pen for quick, easy identification.

Plastic Identification Tags

Blank plastic tags in standard and fluorescent colors are made with the same durable plastic we utilize for safety tags.

Self-laminating tags bring the combination of blank plastic tags with an additional clear overlay. Write directly or place a label on the tag surface, then pull the clear overlay in place.

Stock options are ready to ship today, contact us to get tags heading your way.

tyvek tags

Disclaimer: This is not a proof for your final product. The above tag builder will only be used for initial quote correspondence only.

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