Metal Tag Stamping Machine & Marking Equipment

Big City Manufacturing has all of the metal tag machinery you need to fulfill your metal embossing, marking, and stamping needs. In addition to manufacturing tags, name plates and other identification products, we offer metal marking machines, including embossing and metal stamping machines. By purchasing and using metal marking equipment in-house, you can have the capability to produce and customize your tags and nameplates.

We offer a variety of metal tag stamping and embossing equipment options as well as blank metal tags and nameplates. View the types of machines we carry below. If you aren't sure which of our machines will best fit your needs, our team of professionals will be happy to answer and questions by contacting us.

Portable & Manual Metal Stamping Machines

Our manual marking equipment is easy to operate. Quickly stamp or emboss aluminum, brass, and/or stainless steel tags, checks, and nameplates with steel dies. Our sets are packaged by character size and are virtually maintenance free. Steel die sets and marking kits offer budget friendly marking options. Learn more about the metal stamping machines we offer.

metal marking equipment

Manual Metal Stamping Equipment

View our Model 40B manual stamping and marking machine. Solid, easy to use, and virtually maintenance free. Perfect for quickly stamping tags, nameplates with steel dies.

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Automated Metal Marking Machines

Automated metal tag marking equipment offers the capability to create and save layouts for different tags and/or nameplates. Aluminum, brass and stainless steel can be marked quickly. Automated metal marking equipment offers flexibility regarding typestyle, size and spacing of data. See the full details for our automatic marking machines.

metal stamping machines

Automated Metal Stamping Equipment

View our selection of automated marking equipment including benchtop, portable and touch screen models. Simple to use and accommodates a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials.

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What metal marking machine will best fit my needs?
To determine if and/or what type of marking equipment is advantageous for your end use, consider factors such as: