Metal Tag Stamping Machines & Marking Equipment

Big City Manufacturing has all of the metal tag stamping and embossing machinery you need to fulfill your metal embossing, marking, and stamping needs. In addition to manufacturing tagsname plates and other identification products, we offer metal marking machines, including embossing and metal stamping machines. By purchasing and using metal marking equipment in-house, you can have the capability to produce and customize your metal tags and nameplates.

We offer a variety of metal tag stamping and embossing equipment options as well as blank metal tags and nameplates. If you aren't sure which of our machines will best fit your needs, our team of professionals will be happy to answer your questions by contacting us.

View the types of metal marking machines we carry below.

Metal Stamping Machines We Offer

  • We offer portable metal marking tools that can be utilized for adding data such as numbers, dates or logos to aluminum, brass, and stainless steel tags and plates.

    Marking Tools
  • The advantage of this piece of stamping equipment is that each character is stamped with equal pressure and in a straight line that allows any user to produce professional quality results.

    Manual Metal Stamping Equipment
  • These marking machines can provide you with the capability to mark your own tags, plates and parts on site. It is easy to use and operate, it can accommodate a wide range of materials and sizes.

    Automated Marking Machines
  • Big City Manufacturing offers the most versatile, durable metal plate embossing machines for the most demanding working environments.

    ME Series Embossing Machines
  • Big City Manufacturing now offers Gravograph engraving material & equipment for your marking or engraving equipment needs. Request a quote now to find out more!

    Gravotech Marking Equipment

Portable & Manual Metal Stamping Machines

Our manual marking equipment is easy to operate. Quickly stamp or emboss aluminum, brass, and/or stainless steel tags, checks, and nameplates with steel die. Handheld portable units are easy to use and available in different configurations based on your needs. Our sets are packaged by character size and are virtually maintenance-free. Steel die sets and marking kits offer budget friendly marking options. Learn more about the metal stamping machines we offer.

Automated Metal Marking Machines

Automated metal tag marking equipment offers the capability to create and save layouts for different tags and/or nameplates. Aluminum, brass and stainless steel can be marked quickly. Automated metal marking equipment offers flexibility regarding typestyle, size and spacing of data. Big City offers Propen marking machines and dot peen markers for low or high volume tag production. See the full details for our automatic marking machines.

Which Metal Marking Machine Will Best Fit My Needs?

Our metal stamping machines are suitable for marking items in harsh environments such as manufacturing plants, power plants, oil & gas facilities, and more. To determine if and/or what type of marking equipment is advantageous for your end use, consider factors such as:

  • How much text/data will be applied to a typical tag or plate?
  • What is the volume of tags and/or plates you anticipate marking each day, week, and/or month?
  • Will you be marking tags and/or plates as part of an ongoing and /or long term basis versus a single project and /or short period of time?

How Does Metal Tag Embossing Equipment Work?

Metal tag embossing machines imprint characters onto a metal piece with specified character sets that are installed inside a drum in the machine. Characters are pushed by a lever that embeds the character into the metal piece, making it far more durable than ink printing.

Why Should I Use a Metal Tag Stamping Machine?

Metal tag stamping is an extremely durable method for marking metal items. It is extremely reliable for outdoor work environments. The tags that are metal stamped will be able to withstand corrosion, tarnish, paint, and environmental damage making them better suited for harsh environments.

Metal Stamping on Blank Tags

We offer a wide variety of stock blank metal tags that can be customized to your specific requirements. We offer blank metal tags for stamping in numerous materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. For easy application, our metal stamping blanks feature smooth edges and industry standard pre-punched holes.

Metal Stamping Applications

Stamped metal plates and tags are used in a wide variety of industries for numerous applications. Common applications that our clients use metal marking and embossing equipment for include but aren't limited to:

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