Metal Stamping Machine

Metal Stamping Machine with Great Features
Stamp letters, numbers, and punctuation into aluminumbrass, and stainless steel tags and nameplates with the Model 40B metal stamping machine. It is solid, easy to use, and virtually maintenance free.

Manually operated, the Model 40B press features a built-in table to secure the piece you’re stamping into place. Also featured is an adjustable control for depth of impression stamped into a tag or plate.

Character Types Available

1/16", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"

Model 40B Metal Stamping Machine Features

The advantage of this piece of metal stamping equipment is that each character is stamped with equal pressure and in a straight line that allows any user to produce professional quality results in an easy and efficient manner.

Easy to Order, Quick to Ship
Order the Model 40B specifying the size of the characters you wish to utilize. We install the character wheel and ship equipment by the next working day. It ships in a crate for a total weight of 48 pounds.

Ready to Operate The Same Day
When removed from its crate, the equipment alone weights an easy to handle yet solid to set up 36 pounds. An operational booklet is included with a unique serial number assigned to equipment

Once you set the equipment on a sturdy bench or counter, it’s ready for you.  Stamping is as simple as rotating the character wheel and pulling a  lever (much like a slot machine).

Professional Identification
The character wheel moves forward after each impression, resulting in evenly spaced text that gives a professional look while providing easy to read identification. 

What are you stamping? 
We offer a full line of stock blank tags compatible with this manual stamping equipment. Aluminum, brass, and stainless steel blanks can be shipped with your equipment or shipped alone to use with your equipment.

Preprinted or stamped template plates can be made to create a tag that only needs to be stamped in specific areas when variable data will be added (date, serial number, capacity and/or location data).

Orders and Information Request
Order today when you call us toll-free. Email your request for more information you may need. We look forward to providing assistance for your identification needs.

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