Hose Identification Tags

From chemical handling to food distribution, hydraulic hose metal tags play a pivotal role in a range of industrial or commercial processes. They help advance operational efficiency while improving safety for operators and the surrounding environment.

Hose tags are an affordable way to identify, control, and label hoses, as well as describe or warn workers of products or assets traveling through them. When a hose has a hose tag, operators can better assess its lifespan and adequately schedule maintenance or replacement to avoid failure.

Big City Manufacturing specializes in the supply of standard or custom hose tags for industrial applications. We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting hose tags from the following materials to suit a variety of operating environments:

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hose identification tags

hydraulic hose tags

Time, elemental exposure and normal wear-and-tear can cause hose degradation. Proper hose labeling can benefit almost every measurable area of a process, from efficiency and budgets to safety and traceability. Here are some examples of what hose tags from Big City Manufacturing can help identify:

  • Hose Type
  • Part Number
  • Hose Performance
  • Lifespan
  • Product or Media
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vendor Name and Contact Information
  • Location

Continuous improvement of operating standards is essential for just about any manufacturing or production facility. Common industries that utilize hose tags include:

Labeling hoses can prevent incorrect usage and avoid last-minute confusion. When hose tags are present, operators can quickly confirm vital hose information or verify high and low-pressure lines as well as possibly volatile, toxic, and hazardous systems they are working around. This offers the following benefits:

  • Improves Safety
  • Strengthens Production Output
  • Avoid Downtime

Test, tag, and track your assets with simple-to-use hose tags from Big City Manufacturing. We offer dependable identification and label solutions that help drive your performance.

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