Bulk Blank Metal ID Tags

At Big City, we offer custom blank metal tags in stainless steel, brass and aluminum to fit a wide range of identification needs. Our blank metal tag inventory is equipped with stock shapes and sizes, and are available for same-day shipping when you need your blank equipment tags as soon as possible. Our blank metal tags for engraving and stamping feature smooth edges, radius corners and industry-standard pre-punched holes for easy application.

  • Aluminum tags are strong and durable, yet lightweight, versatile and easy to work with and are an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel and brass tags.

    Aluminum Tags
  • We stock brass id tags and labels that are commonly applied as engraved valve tags for labeling facility pipes and valves.

    Brass Tags
  • Stainless steel is a material that can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for identification tags and nameplates in these environments.

    Stainless Steel Tags
rectangular metal tags

Blank Metal ID Tags

Big City Manufacturing has an expansive range of blank metal tags for engraving and stamping that are used for a variety of identification needs. Our blank metal ID tags can be customized with your provided information to meet the requirements of your specific application. Common applications of our metal tag blanks include marking equipment, machinery, assets and virtually any area or place that needs identification added. Our stock and bulk metal tag blanks inventory are available in a variety of colors and shapes to perfectly match your specified application. 

Customize Your Blank Metal Tags

The most common materials used to create our blank metal tags are 304 stainless steel, aluminum and brass. We are also capable of making blank equipment tags out of Monel or carbon steel. Rigid stock metal tags, ideal for stamping and engraving, are available in .040 to .050 in thickness. Thinner stock options vary from .015 to .029, perfect for slightly curved surfaces and embossing equipment.

Disclaimer: This is not a proof for your final product. The above tag builder will only be used for initial quote correspondence only.

Marking, Stamping & Embossing Solutions

The bulk of our blank stock tags is pre-packaged for quick purchases in different quantities and shapes, including rectangular, oval, square, and round blank tags. Additionally, our blank metal tags can be used in metal embossing machines and plate systems and we offer a series of hand-operated and automated machines for any marking, stamping and embossing requirements you may have for your blank metal tags:

  • Portable Marking Kits - these marking tools allow you to add data to your blank metal tags wherever you may go.
  • Manual Stamping Equipment - stamp letters, numbers and punctuation into your blank metal tags manually with a machine that allows for adjustable impression depth.
  • Automated Marking Machines - easy to use marking machines that allow you to meet your marking requirements quickly and efficiently with no training required.
  • Metal Embossing Machine - a cost-effective alternative to stamping with a 25% increase in production speeds. Accommodates metal tags with either manual or automatic loading and unloading.

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