Marked Metal Tags & Pressed Labels

Need marked metal tags? Big City offers marked and serialized metal tags customized with fine detail for a variety of applications and uses. Aluminum, brass and stainless steel marked tags and plates can be manufactured, large or small, with precise markings for custom logos, artwork, utility tags, nameplates, serial and ID numbers at our manufacturing facility. We can work with you to provide your personalization requirements for a metal marking that will withstand elements.

  • Embossing block style uppercase letters and numbers are 3/16” high. Metal is .015 to .025 thick. Text is raised up from tags surface. Required when powder coating or painting occurs.
  • Engraving text is carved out ( or upset) with rotating cutters. Typestyles, simple logos and graphics are engraved to meet specific depth/height requirements and can be paint inlaid for contrast.
  • Laser Engraving Text, graphics, and barcodes are laser etched into surface of metal. Recessed areas appear black when lasered.
  • Screen printed/Imprinted Text layout is created and used to produce multiple images. Image is imprinted onto surface of tag and cured for permanent identification. All tags are identical. (Perfect for product / utility identification or template plates.)
  • Stamping Text is indented into the surface of the tag. Standard stamping offers block style uppercase text and numbers in 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, and 3/16”. Each tag can be stamped the same or each unique.
  • Stamping Pinned Text is pinned into tag surface. Option of typestyles up to 1” high can be pinned.

Metal Tag Marking Services

  • Embossed metal tags and plates are part of the many products and services we offer for identification and safety needs. Tags and nameplates can be embossed in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

    Embossed Metal Tags
  • Engraving is a process that permanently carves information into metal or plastic. Engraved metal tags are the most durable, long-lasting marked tags available.

    Engraved Metal Tags
  • Big City Manufacturing offers custom stamped metal tags when customized tags are needed with characters that will not rub or wear off. The stamped tags that we customize are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

    Stamped Metal Tags

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