Brass Tags

A non-ferrous metal, brass is required when metal identification is used in the mining industry. Because it will not produce a spark, brass tags and nameplates are often specified for industrial identification in both interior and exterior environments. Durable brass is often specified for valve tags, and tool or equipment checks -- helping you and your facility comply with federal regulations for proper equipment labeling. Aside from there technical specifications, brass is an attractive metal look for indoor and outdoor applications.

Brass ID Tags & Labels

brass labels

We stock brass id tags and labels that are commonly applied as engraved valve tags for labeling facility pipes and valves. Here at Big City Manufacturing we can engrave id tags to your specifications with our machines capable of producing varying depths, texts and styles.



Brass Nameplates Engraved

brass nameplates

We also offer engraved brass nameplates in custom specifications for use in office buildings and homes. We can engrave nameplates with a variety of type styles, simple logos and graphics to varying depth and text requirements.

Compatible Fasteners
We stock brass fasteners for your attachment needs. S-hooks, key rings, and beaded chains in assorted sizes assure tags are secured with non-ferrous fasteners.


Customize Your Brass Tag

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Marking, Stamping & Embossing Solutions

We offer a series of hand-operated and automated machines for any marking, stamping and embossing requirements you may have for your brass tags, nameplates and labels: