Custom Stamped Metal Tags

Big City Manufacturing offers custom stamped metal tags when customized tags are needed with characters that will not rub or wear off. We offer a number of metal materials for these tags, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The stamped tags that we customize are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

The Tag Stamping Process

Stamping is a process that indents text into metal, providing a finished product that will not rub or wear off. Block style numbers and upper case letters are permanently recessed to provide one of the most long-lasting marked tags available. Big City's manufacturing facility includes a production area dedicated to stamping metal tags. Work stations are set up for stamping 1 or more lines of data, utilizing stock aluminum, brass and stainless steel tags. Stamping is a more cost-effective solution to metal marking than engraving and can be produced quickly.

Customized Metal Stamped Tags

Stamped metal tags are a great identification tag solution. We can accommodate all of your production needs as well as provide stock blank metal tags for stamping with your own stamping equipment. All tags can be stamped with identical data or can be completely customized with unique information. Big City also offers metal marking equipment for in-house metal stamping machine needs.

engraved and stamped metal tags with punched hole

Stamped Tags We Offer

Stamped Metal Tags Material
Stainless Steel
ID Tags, Nameplates
Tree Tags, Production Lines, Numbered Inventory, Tool/Equipment Checks
Valve Tags, Equipment Checks

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