ME Series Metal Plate Embossing Machines

Big City Manufacturing offers the most versatile, durable metal plate embossing machines for the most demanding working environments. Embossing machines are a cost-effective alternative to metal stamping and metal die equipment, with a production speed that is 25% higher than alternative models.

me series metal plate embossing machine

Embossing Machine Features

Our metal plate embossing machines are built with both manual and automatic loading and unloading to accommodate your production preferences. Our new, innovative 'single point access' manual feeding solution ensures that your embossing will be done right every run. 

  • The ME500 has been designed as the ideal no hassle marking solution for low to medium metal plate and tag volume

    ME 500: Portable Embossing Machine
  • A new compact, auto-feed, rugged high speed metal tag embosser based on durable and proven technology.

    ME 1500: Automatic Embossing Machine

Other features of our ME Series include:

  • Near end input & near full output hopper plate sensors to alert you of when to continue or stop production
  • Flash drive port accessible via external service port for easy data uploading
  • A unique, variable plate-sized loading system with optional FIFO logic elevator stacker or side eject for easy loading of your product.
  • Wide variety of fonts available for embossing, debossing and indenting applications
  • External keyboard with off-line data input option
  • Equipped with a universal clamp for plates of most shapes & dimensions
  • Metal plates made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and copper are compatible with our ME Series machine

Metal Plates Embossed For:

  • Automotive Body & VIN Plates
  • Military ID Tags
  • Cable/Hose Tags
  • Inventory/Asset Control & Tracking Tags for Harsh Environments
  • Work In Progress Components Identification
  • Tags for Galvanized or Heat-Treated Processes
  • Serial Number Tags

Industries Using Metal Plates:

  • Automotive Factories
  • Shipyards
  • Steel Plants
  • Army
  • White Goods Manufacturers
  • Motor Manufacturers
  • Tire Manufacturers
  • Pump Manufacturers
  • Lift Manufacturers
  • Crane Manufacturers
  • Fire Door Manufacturers
  • Logging Industries
  • Logistical Management

Metal Embossing ME Series Capabilities

Character Fonts: Embossing or indenting: Simplex1, Simplex3, OCRB1,Block, Block USA, Double Block, Double Long Block, Maxi Block; negative Embossing (Elite Dog Tag).

Communication Interface: Serial RS232 port.

Protocols: CIM, Xon-Xoff and MultiEmbosseder.

Electrical Requirements: 117 V / 60Hz - 230 V / 50 Hz

Embossing Area: Up to 2.5" from the top edge of the plate leaving free 0.16" from the bottom. Measurements are defined according to the base of the character.

Input Hopper Capacity:ME1000: manual feeding/ME2000: 250 plates (0.016") variable dimensions.

Output Hopper Capacity: ME1000: manual feeding/ME2000: side eject or FIFO elevator (250 plates).

Plate Dimensions: Width: min 1.2" - max 4.5"/Height: min 0.826" - max 3.5" thickness steel 0.016" É 0.035" mm

Processing: Drum 60/90 characters and 45 for special applications.

Standard Fonts: Simplex2: Embossing or indenting.

Data Format: 50 fields of 42 characters each (Name, Fixed data, Counters, etc.)

Memory and Data-Storable Formats: 10 with formatted downloading.

Memory and Data- Software/Firmware: SWORD PC application proprietary software. Automatic date field; plate archive; DBIII, DBIV, Excel, MS Access file compatibility. Self diagnostic, automatic repetition of faulty plate personalization, clearable and non-clearable counters, set-up procedures (via external keyboard).

Miscellaneous:2-line by 40 character LCD display for diagnostic visualization. Lithium back-up battery (warning of low battery level on LCD). Security operation with key lock. Emergency stop RED button. Machine state indicator lamps. LCD Edit (via external keyboard).

Operating Temperature: 5C É 40C/41F É104F

Performance: 1 plate in 18 seconds (55 characters).

Physical Dimensions(WxDxH): ME1000/ME2000: 24.75" x 29.25" x 15"

Power Consumption: 500 watt

Relative Humidity: 30% - 90% non condensing

Weight: ME1000: 167 lbs / ME2000: 174 lbs

Available Options: Visual alarm kit for operator alerting. Drum capacity and special characters. Output hopper: side eject or FIFO elevator (First In - First Out).

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