Engraved Metal Tags

Engraving is a process that permanently carves information into metal or plastic. It is a metal tag marking method that Big City Manufacturing has offered from its very beginning in 1976!

engraved tag

Engraved metal tags are the most durable, long-lasting marked tags available with options that include aluminum, steel and brass engraved tags. Big City Manufacturing uses rotary cutters that engrave metal an average of .005 to .012 deep. Engraved letters can be filled with paint or epoxy on one or both sides of a tag or nameplate. We are capable of custom engraving to your specific drawings. Our methods include both laser and metal engraving.

Advantages of Engraving Metal

Both stock and custom metal tags and nameplates can be engraved with a wide variety of type styles, simple logos and graphics. Engraving depth and text size requirements (typically for ASTM specification) can be met. We can engrave tags in many materials including all metals and plastics:

engraved metal tag

Information on our engraved metal tags can be color inlaid for additional contrast. The end result is a combination of a functional piece with a polished look.

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