Metal Truck Seals

metal truck sealsTamper Evident Truck Seals

Pre numbered metal truck seals provide you with tamper evident security.  When a truck seal is locked into place, it can only be removed by cutting the seal and is not reusable, deeming it as tamper evident. These attachments are also referred to as security seals, numbered seals and meat seals.

Customizable Truck Seal Tags

Pre numbered seals provide options to record & track inventory and/or account for the products or containers that they’re attached and locked to. Big City's truck tags are durable and customizable.

Custom truck seals enhance tamper evidence. Seals are embossed with your specified unique text including the starting number you designate, and therefore cannot be readily duplicated. Custom truck seals can be ordered in 1000 piece packages.

Stock & Custom Truck Tags

Metal truck seals are 8.75” in length. The strap is just over .25” in width.  Consecutive numbering is embossed.  We have stock truck tags ready to ship in packages of 100 up to 1000 pieces.

truck seal tags

Order and Delivery
Place your order for stock seals and we’ll head them out to you right away. We ship from our manufacturing facility located in Houston, Texas.
Order custom seals with ease today, we’ll take care of the rest. Custom metal security truck seals with your unique data and start number will be shipping out in your direction within 3 weeks.

Need more information?

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