Aluminum Wire & Lead Head Seals

aluminum head sealsSecurity Head Seals With Wire
Get tough, durable, tamper evident lead head or aluminum head security seals. Our stock seals have a 12” braided stainless steel wire (type 304) attached on 1 end. Longer braided wire (up to 24”) is available.

Lead or Aluminum?
Lead heads provide heavy duty strength and are a long standing option for industrial use.  Aluminum heads are primarily utilized in hospitals, and/or institutions as well as an environment where much contact will take place.

Easy to use
Both lead head and aluminum head seals are easy to use. Just 3 simple steps provide you with a tamper evident attachment;

1. Simply wrap the wire around the item it will secure

2. Insert wire into seal head

3. Use a crimp tool to flatten the seal locking the wire in place.

Once your seal is locked, removal can only achieved by cutting the wire.

Crimp Tools Highly Recommended

A crimp tool is designed with 2 flat plates that sandwich the seal.  Plates provide consistent pressure to completely flatten and lock the seal and wire together.  This process ensures that the wire cannot be pulled away or out of the seal.

crimp tool for head seals

When security is of utmost importance, let us customize your crimp tool. Unique lettering on 1 or both sides is embedded as seal is flattened and locked, thereby providing you with identification that cannot be readily duplicated.

Aluminum & Lead Head Security Seals

Aluminum head and lead head security seals are stock items ready at your calling.  Crimp tools are also a stock item for producing lead and aluminum crimp seals.  For optional customizing of a crimp tool, please allow 2 work days for completion.

Lead head seals are circular and flat on top and bottom. The 3/8” lead head flattens when a crimp tool is applied to it.

Aluminum Head seals are about 3/8” and  square in shape, the double coil head flattens when you apply a crimp tool.