Numbered Cable & Zip Ties

Zip & Cable Ties
Our standard security zip tie is 8”, UV and weather resistant. Black zip ties are industrial grade to meet OSHA safety compliance requiring a non-reusable, self-lock fastener. Our numbered pull-tight cable and zip ties offer tamper-evident security.

When your specifications require fasteners and attachments that are not reusable and /or not metallic, we’re ready to assist you with durable product choices.

Most plastic fasteners are prepackaged in stock and ready to ship from our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Select the plastic fastener that best meets your end use and/or specifications.

numbered zip ties

Security seals and zip ties are the perfect fastener choice that will not be easily or accidently removed. Zip ties lock one time and removal is only achieved by cutting

In addition to our standard zip tie, other colors and sizes up to 24” are available.

Custom Plastic Seal Products

Plastic seals are available as stock items. Select from our current stock options (typically available in different lengths and/or colors).

Numbered plastic seals are also stocked.  The added feature of preprinted consecutive numbering offers you security plus capability to track and record items by their unique seal number.

Custom name and numbered plastic seals are available in packages of 1000 pieces. Custom name and start number is designated by you, providing enhanced security not readily duplicated.

Order stock zip ties and/or seals that can ship today when you call us toll free. Need a particular color or size?  We’re happy to provide available options for you to choose from.

Order custom plastic seals with your designated name and start number for enhanced security ready to ship to you within 3 weeks.

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Email your inquiry and let us assist you with identification and attachment solutions. 

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