Industrial Metal & Plastic ID Tags

Big City Manufacturing designs and manufactures industrial metal ID tags and metal nameplates for professionals across a range of industries. Our industrial metal and plastic industrial metal ID tags, metal nameplates, decals, and safety signs are easily readable, make sorting simple, and can withstand extreme temperatures and hazardous environments. Industrial nameplates and tags are used in a variety of industries from aerospace for airplanes and helicopters to petrochemical for coal, natural gas, and renewable sources. As your industry changes, Big City Manufacturing can help navigate these shifts with high-quality industrial tags and nameplates.

Markets we proudly serve with our custom industrial metal ID tags include:

  • Aerospace - The aerospace industry requires absolute compliance with safety regulations. Manufacturers in the aerospace sector use industrial nameplates and tags for a variety of ways to improve quality control, such as identifying defective parts on an aircraft to logistics and material management of new parts.

  • Automotive - The automotive industry relies upon metal identification tags, nameplates, and plastic labels to create safer work environments for technicians, maintain quality standards for consumers, and increase organizational identification to gain a competitive edge in an unforgiving marketplace.

  • Food & Beverage - The food and beverage industry has strict quality and safety protocols to protect workers and consumers. Consequences of contamination or a hazardous work environment can range from severe stock deflation for major brands to total shut down for small businesses. Our industrial plastic tags and labels ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Healthcare - The healthcare industry requires that workers stay informed and medications or equipment are tracked, and high-quality metal and plastic tags and labels improve operational efficiency by providing reliable traceability solutions, such as medical alert ID tags, to keep everyone safe and productive.

  • Oil & Gas - The oil and gas industry requires parts and process identification to improve efficiency and safety. A single drilling platform may contain thousands of parts and industrial nameplates and metal ID tags provide project teams with easily identifiable parts and assemblies with the required identification and instructions.

  • Petrochemical - The petrochemical industry uses industrial tags and nameplates to label process system components in order to prevent incorrect usage of materials and avoid unexpected complications. Industrial tags, labels, and nameplates are ideal for helping inspectors detect leaks and comply with local and federal regulations.

For more information on the uses of metal ID tags in the above industries, please visit one of our industry pages below:

  • Big City is a manufacturer of aerospace nameplates and labels.

  • From manufacturing piece parts to assembling an entire vehicle, there's a lot on the line for automotive industry manufacturers and their supply chain partners.

  • As populations grow and demand for affordable food increases, food and beverage manufacturers have begun to automate food processing and preparation, especially at end-of-line areas such as packaging and palletizing.

    Food & Beverage
  • Our medical alert identification (ID) tags can help solve for problems in this industry.

  • From the deep ocean to sandy deserts, oil and gas drilling equipment must stand up to some of the planet's toughest conditions.

    Oil & Gas
  • From cosmetics and medical devices to electronics and furniture, petrochemicals play a key role in the manufacture of just about everything.


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