Numbered Metal & Plastic Tags

Sequentially numbered metal and plastic tags are used for a variety of reasons, such as identification, weight or flow capacity, date and time stamping, and location. Big City Manufacturing offers numbered and serial number tags in a wide range of materials, sizes and marking styles.

Our numbered tags can be manufactured using aluminumbrassstainless steel or plastic. We offer circular, square, rectangular and rounded edge shapes with one, two or no holes in a wide range of sizes. We’ll help you choose the best material, shape and size for your tag based on your application.

Markup Styles for Your Numbered Tags

Big City Manufacturing offers the following marking styles for your numbered tags:

Embossing – Embossed numbers are block-style and raised for quick and legible reading. Embossing is used with metal tags (.015 to .025 thick) and is required when the tag will be painted or powder coated. The embossed numbers are raised 3/16” above the surface of the tag. Each tag can be embossed with the same number, or with sequential or individual numbers.

numbered metal tags

Engraving – Engraved numbers are cut into the tag, recessing them. Engraving allows for different typestyles and can include simple logos and graphics on the tag. Big City Manufacturing can meet your specific depth and height requirements for the numbers and can using paint inlay processes to make the numbers stand out on the tag. Engraving is used for metal and hard plastic tags. Engraved tags can have unique numbers, or be identical.

Laser Engraving – Using lasers, the numbers and graphics are etched into the tag surface. The etched numbers appear black. Metal and hard plastic tags can be laser engraved. Each tag can be engraved with the same number, or with sequential or individual numbers. Screen Printing and Imprinting – Screen printing and imprinting uses color layouts that are imprinting onto the surface of the tag and cured to permanently adhere the numbers to the tag. It is available in a variety of colors and typestyles and used for metal and plastic tags. Each production run of imprinted and screen printed tags are identical. They are used for product identification tags.

Stamping – Stamped numbers are indented into the surface of the tag using block numbers. Pneumatic stamping uses micro-percussion technology to stamp numbers into the surface and can be used for numbers as small as 1/16” and up to 1” high. Used for metal and hard plastic tags, stamping can be used for identical numbers or for unique numbers for each tag.

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