Portable Metal Marking Tools & Kits

We offer metal engraving tools and marking kits that can be utilized for adding data such as numbers, dates or logos to aluminum, brass, and stainless steel tags and plates. Our marking tools are cost effective and very portable for on the spot marking wherever you go.

Metal Engraving Kits

Our metal engraving kits contain a loadable locking holder that accommodates steel die character pieces. Load the character pieces you wish to use into the holder and lock them into place. With one swift strike, you can stamp an entire line of copy.

Metal Marking Letter Stamps

Marking and engraving kits support on the go stamping needs. Packaged in a hard locking case, it fits easily in a tool box, glove compartment or console.

Individual Steel Die Sets
Steel Die sets are available in letters, figures, and a combination of letters and figures. Each Die is heat treated to ensure longevity. Steel die sets are ordered based upon the character height.

Steel dies offer a quick solution for adding a date, number or initials to metal tags and plates. They’re packaged in compact holders, which can be portable for use on site or in the field.

Steel dies are simple to use. Hold selected die and strike the end swiftly to stamp the character into your metal tag or plate (much like a hammer striking a nail).

Paint Valve Markers
Fast Dry Permanent enamel based ink is opaque and will not flake off. Use paint valve markers on metal and plastic. They give you an instant way to apply data to tags, plates (even glass wood and stone).

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