ProPen P5000 Engraver - Dot Peen Marking Machine

P5000 & Technifor IMPACT Series

The P5000 micro-percussion technology provides consistent, quality marks without additional consumables. Have parts that you wish to mark?

The ProPen P5000 can mark parts that are up to 300mm in height. The ProPen P5000 quickly optimizes the cost/productivity/marking quality ratio, with its 5 characters per second mark. It's easy to set up and easy to operate.

You control character size, as well as the thickness of the character stroke. The space between letters (kerning) can also be adjusted. Mark tags and nameplates in aluminumbrass, and stainless steel

A marking area of 100mm x 200mm gives you a large zone for placing your data into.

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Technical Specifications

Main CharacteristicsEnvironment
Energy pneumatic or electromagnetic Electrical Supply 100 to 230V
Marking Zone 100 x 120mm Power 300W, Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Characters size from 0.5 to 100mm in step of 0.1mm Operating Temperature 5 to 45C
Height of the part to be marked up to 300mm Compressed air supply Air pressure 5.5 bar nominal/81 PSI Ø 1/4" pneumatic female gas connector. Equipped with air treatment.
Dimensions L=580mm, W=280mm, H=734mm    
Weight 34kg    
Standard marking tool PN22 or EM11/c    

Propen P5000 Marking Machine

Easy, Versatile, and Fast

The Propen P5000 can provide you with the capability to mark your own tagsplates and parts on site.  It is easy to use and operate, it can accommodate a wide range of materials and sizes, and it marks a fast 5 characters in only one second.

Highly Recommend

We highly recommend the Propen P5000 engraver and dot peen marker because it is modular, does not require training to utilize, and gives you the ability to set up and save different layouts for tags and plates that are routinely required. Furthermore, the machine's ability for rapid marking 5 characters per second allows for a unique high quality output.

Easy to Set Up and Low Maintenance

A Propen is energized in 1 of 2 choices. Select pneumatic or electromagnetic. It stands a 734mm in height, and weights 34kg. Text( ranging from 0.5 to 100mm) is created by a series of tightly stamped pings (through micro-percussion technology).

Blue Propen dot peen marker

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