Metal Tag Ties & Fasteners

fastener clamping tool

Tag Ties and Fasteners

Metal and plastic fasteners and tag ties are available to complete your signage needs. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to secure your final identification product into place. Our signs are created with standard specifications in place, including material, strength and tamper evident qualities. Our fasteners are made specifically the be compliant with these general guidelines to be sure that they are compatible with all identification pieces.

Fasten Your Metal Tags & Signs

Easily attach your identification products with zip ties, pre-cut wire strands, split rings and pear clips. Each is designed to be compatible with any identification product made by Big City Manufacturing. S-hooks, beaded chain and drive rivets are available to make the placement process as simple as possible. Truck seals, lead head, aluminum head seals, crimps and crimp tools make signs and tags tamper evident and are guaranteed to stay in place. Project specifications often call for certain materials, including stainless steel wire spools & bundles, braided wire, cable ties and Monel wire & crimps. These materials are usually required for tag and nameplate specifications.