Metal Marking Machine

propen p5000


Pro-Pen Micro-percussion Marking Solutions Fit a Wide Range of Permanent Marking Applications.

Pro-Pen's P5000 benchtop unit and the M3000 portable micro-percussion marking solutions quickly and efficiently meet your marking requirements. These marking machines can provide you with the capability to mark your own tags, plates and parts on site.  It is easy to use and operate, it can accommodate a wide range of materials and sizes.

Propen Models We Carry

benchtop stamping machine

Propen P5000

Modular marking machine with the ability to set up and save different layouts for tags and plates. As an intergrated control unit it does not require additonal computers to operate and offers USB plugs.

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portable stamping equipment

Propen M3000

Portable self-contained marking unit that is ideal for permanently marking large, heavy or hard to reach parts of equiptment.

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touchscreen metal stamping machine

Propen M7000

A portable marking machine solution featuring a user-friendly touch screen and a powerful belt battery to allow full mobility in marking at any location

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We have the Propen set up for daily production and for equipment demonstrations. Call us at 713-649-7769 for more information or to schedule an appointment to see it in operation. We also have a great inventory of compatible tags to select from.

We look forward to assisting you with your identification needs.