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Big City now offers Gravograph engraving material and equipment – the innovative solution for engraving and marking needs. From the Gravograph catalog we offer Laser Systems and Engraving Systems to fit any need. Materials include Gravoply™ Ultra which is great for rotary or laser engraving because of its durability, precision, and effectiveness. Because of these features, Gravoply Ultra™ is commonly used in the signage and electrical marking industry.

Ranging from tabletop to heavy industrial, Gravograph is the industry choice for your marking and/or engraving equipment needs. Request a Quote now to find out more about our Gravograph offerings!

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  • The LS900 industrial laser engraver, CO2, Fiber, or Edge (dual sources), are ideal for high-speed marking and cutting of medium and large format media.

    Gravotech Laser Table LS900
  • The LS100 is an easy-to-operate and compact laser engraver to cut and mark a wide range of materials. With its premium build, low maintenance, and dedicated software, this small laser etching machine is the solution to be trusted for any application.

    Gravotech Laser Table LS100/LS100EX
  • The Gravotech CNC Station IS200 has been a classic for more than 15 years for small part traceability, label, and small signage engraving. The IS200 is compact and portable, perfect for busy workshops and mobile workers.

    Gravotech CNC Station IS200
  • Unique in the market, this industrial engraver is perfect for signage, labeling, light milling and identification of parts. IS400 is a rotary engraving machine suited for medium size items and IS400 Volume for larger objects.

    Gravotech CNC Station IS400
  • As the best-selling rotary engraver, the M20 can adapt to any purpose and fit any job. Small and lightweight, you can find a place for the M20 in every shop, workshop and even take it on a promotion tour.

    Gravotech Engraving Station M20
  • The M40 is a compact versatile signage engraving machine. Its large engraving area makes it a perfect engraving solution for medium-sized and flat objects. It can engrave a large range of materials such as plastic, glass, wood, metal, and many more!

    Gravotech Engraving Station M40

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