Pre-Cut Wire

pre-cut wirePre-cut wire is packaged in bundles of 1000 pieces. Most bundles are 12” in length. Pre-cut wire brings you a quick and easy way to attach tags and plates into place.

The Wire Gauge 411
We package and inventory wire bundles in a variety of gauges. Note that the diameter of the wire (in decimals) is followed by the corresponding gauge. Numbers and gauge are based upon wire diameter and gauge charts. Sheet metal gauge charts are different

Ensure your specifications regarding gauge are based on wire diameter.

Stock Wire Bundles

Examples of some of our stock wire bundles are listed below.

Material LengthWire Diameter/GaugePrecutAdditional Info
Galvanized Carbon Steel .016”/ 26 gauge 12” RFQ
Stainless Steel type 304 .016”/ 26 gauge
.022”/ 23 gauge
.035”/ 19 gauge
12” RFQ
3 Ply Braided Stainless Steel type 304 .016” x3 braided 6”, 8”, 12” RFQ

Ordering Pre-Cut Wire
Ordering wire is quick and easy when you call us toll free. We’ll get your wire heading your way from our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.

pre cut metal wire

Need More?
Need a custom size or custom packaging? Check out our wire spool section or email your request for a quotation. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your tag identification, attachment, and fastener needs.