Barcode Tags & Labels

At Big City Manufacturing, we produce metal and plastic tags for a wide range of identification uses. As part of our offerings in identification, we are capable of producing metal and plastic barcode labels and tags in bulk. Barcode identification is manufactured at and ships from our production facility located in Houston, Texas. 

metal barcode tag

Custom Barcode Tags

We can work from your specifications and/or assist you to determine the most logical and appropriate material to select for barcode identification. A few things to consider for your barcode tags:

metal tag with qr codeAttaching Your Barcode Tags

Ultimately, your barcode identification will be put into place and attached to protect certain assets or to identify them. Determining the best method for attaching tags or labels can be a key factor to successfully complete your barcode identification system.

Barcode Tag Applications

Your barcode identification can be underway today. Email your spreadsheet for a quote or call us to break ground on your barcode tags, plates, and labels.