Safety ID Placards & Tags

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OSHA Compliant Safety Identification Signs

Big City Manufacturing produces OSHA compliant safety signs, labels and placards that abide by the safety guidelines required by OSHA. Signs in stock include danger, warning, caution, instructional and bio hazard, all of which support OSHA operational requirements. Everything from color, to top panel headings, to how edges are crafted are critical to compliance. Allowing Big City to provide your safety signage ensures that all signs, tags and placards will meet the specific standards.

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Safety ID Tags, Labels and Placards

We manufacture standard safety tags that are ready to ship. Safety ID tags are required for procedures and operational compliance in many professional settings. Our tags are durable and weather resistant to withstand extreme environments. Safety labels and biohazard labels and decals used for hazardous material identification feature OSHA designated colors and symbols to quickly and effectively communicate invaluable information at a glance. DOT placards are always in stock to ensure all requirements for transporting hazardous materials are met.

Custom Safety Identification
If you have custom identification needs, Big City can meet them. We can produce signs, placards, tags and more with your specific color and size on any variety of our high quality metals & plastic.