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How it All Started…

Big City Manufacturing

The Year 1976

In 1976, America celebrated The Bicentennial of our country’s freedom. That same year, Wayne and Margaret Brueggeman forged ahead with their dream to start their own business.

They chose a name that Wayne’s father suggested, and so we are Big City Manufacturing.

A Bit of History (before 1976)

Wayne’s father, Wesley Brueggeman, did more than suggest a great name for our company. With deep roots of experience in the field of engraving, Wesley was awarded The Navy Excellence E. Award in 1943 for building an engraving machine for The Naval Shipyard.

Wayne followed the path of engraving and learned much skill from his Father. Wayne served in The U.S. Navy. In 1962, Wayne married Margaret.

The Dynamic Duo and 1976

In 1976, Wayne and Margaret busted into action with Big City Manufacturing and never looked back.

Today, Big City Manufacturing continues with second and third generations of the Brueggeman family and over 25 dedicated employees (The Big City Team). Engraving is accompanied by embossing, stamping, printing and laser etching.

American Made

Our manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. We strive to bring our customers quality identification and safety products that are “Made in America”. As a safety and identification (ID) tags manufacturer, we offer tags and nameplates in different grades of metal, types of paper and also in plastic for identification purposes in wide range of industries.

Celebrating Endurance and Commitment

In 2011, Wayne, Margaret and The Big City Team celebrated Big City Manufacturing’s’ 35th year of providing products and services for industrial and safety identification.

2012 brings the celebration of Wayne and Margaret’s 50th year of marriage.

That is how it all started.

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