Aluminum Utility Pole ID Tags

Utility pole tags are a crucial measure when it comes to the identification, management, and upkeep of your utilities and assets. Big City Manufacturing offers aluminum utility pole tags that are highly efficient and durable enough to withstand environmental conditions.


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aluminum utility pole tag with punched hole

What are Utility Pole Tags?

Utility tags are essential for keeping accurate identification and up-to-date data on your utility poles in the most effective way possible. The information printed on these ID tags may include:

  • ID of the owner; contact information, etc.
  • Barcodes; QR codes
  • Systematical information
  • Maintenance needs and/or history
  • Safety precautions

Using aluminum for your utility pole tags allow for this information to be highly visible to readers, as well as an easy attachment. These tags can be attached with either durable adhesive or nails depending on preference and the application.

What are the Benefits of Utility Pole Tags?

One big advantage of using utility pole tags is making inspections run more effectively, allowing inspectors to move quickly and accurately when on the job. Utility ID tags aid in quickly finding the exact pole you’re looking for, examining any issues or needs, and generating accurate reports. Another benefit is that ID tags can streamline information, giving quick and accurate data whenever necessary.

More benefits of using utility identification tags include:

  • Mapping your utilities
  • Accurately finding the owner’s ID
  • Streamline inspections
  • Identifying problems
  • Easier maintenance with proper upkeep
  • Less overall downtime and expenses

Our Aluminum Utility Pole ID Tags

Aluminum is a common option for utility tags due to its very lightweight and high durability compared to other options. Aluminum utility pole tags can also come in numerous colors to fit any application, whereas stainless steel does not.

Compared to options such as stainless steel, our affordable aluminum tags hold many advantages:

  • More malleable
  • Highly durable
  • Much more lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • More affordable
  • Visible
  • Color options available

The best practices for pole ID systems include having the proper training, the best management software, and keeping your software up-to-date at all times. If you’re on top of these practices, our aluminum utility pole tags can help with the rest.

Contact Big City Manufacturing today to learn more about our durable, highly visible, corrosion-resistant utility pole tags.

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