Laser Marking Sign Service

If you are looking for a metal sign or part engraving that will uphold high quality through time, our Laser Marking service is exactly what you need. We can laser mark/engrave any known font, including lettering in foreign alphabets. And if you need a company logo marking on a metal part or sign, Big City Manufacturing has you covered.

For our laser marking service, we keep brass, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and numerous plastics in stock, cutting down on production time once your order is confirmed. Our turnaround is short, as we have over eight state of the art lasers in service at our facility, always in service and ready to complete any project up to 48” by 48” in size.

As an upgrade to our traditional paint fill options, we can anneal the marking in black for greater visibility. An annealed laser marking is more weather-resistant than simple paint. It does not fade or chip with UV or chemical exposure or repeated cleanings.

Give us a call today, or e-mail us your questions or requirements. We look forward to it.