Custom Metal Nameplates

Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates and metal label plates are used throughout all major industries requiring nameplate identification, and Big City is your trusted manufacturer for your custom metal nameplate solutions. Whether you already have specifications for your custom nameplate or need assistance with size, layout and production, Big City will work with you to ensure you get the exact metal nameplates for your equipment. We manufacture printed nameplates that provide extreme durability to last on industrial equipment and laser-etched nameplates for metal plates that are exposed in harsh environments. We also offer printed and etched stock displays & signs that are always available when you need them. Fully customizable metal plates and plastic plates will always be manufactured according to your metal nameplate specifications. 

Equipment Nameplates

Big City can manufacture long-lasting and durable equipment nameplates for industry applications such as machinery, vehicles and other equipment needing to be identified in both interior or exterior environments. Metal nameplates and plastic name tags can also be created and customized for any industry need. Our DOT & Hazmat placards are always in stock, allowing you to ensure the safety of your team and others. Our metal valve tags can be fully customizable with our stamping and engraving capabilities to ensure that your metal valve tags are durable and easy to read for pipe identification and controls. Contact us today to learn how our metal equipment nameplates stand the test of time in every environment.

Metal Nameplates - Aluminum, Brass, and Steel

Big City Manufacturing offers custom metal nameplates in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and brass. These metals vary in corrosion-resistance, color, thickness and finishing options, giving each metal special qualities and unique benefits for use as a metal nameplate. Our machine nameplates for appliances, equipment, tools, pipelines, valves, computers and more are all produced with the highest quality. When you need metal plates for the identification of your products, equipment, inventory, assets and operational needs, Big City will manufacture the perfect solution for your metal nameplate needs.

  • Designed to safely house gases and liquids needed for tool and machine operation, pressure vessels play a pivotal role in most manufacturing and industrial processes.

    Vessel Nameplates
  • We laser and etch nameplates to include text, graphics and logos that define permanent identification, with a smooth surface finish.

    Laser & Etched Nameplates
  • Big City Manufacturing offers extensive services in Laser Cutting Metal Signs. We can cut through a plate completely, creating a stencil-style lettering for the sign or part.

    Laser Cut Metal Signs
  • We can laser mark/engrave any known font, including lettering in foreign alphabets. And if you need a company logo marking on a metal part or sign, Big City Manufacturing has you covered.

    Laser Marking Signs
  • When you require a quantity of nameplates identical in size and layout, printed nameplates are a great choice for durable identification in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

    Printed Nameplates
  • We make custom wayfinding signs for almost any purpose in plastic and metal. Vital for interior and exterior identification, we can complete signs to meet your specific needs.


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