Custom Metal Nameplates Manufacturer

Custom Metal Name Plates

Whether you already have specifications in place or need assistance with size, layout and production, Big City can work with you step by step to ensure you get the exact name plates you need. We offer printed name plates durable enough to last on industrial equipment, and laser & etched name plates for metal plates that are exposed in harsh environments. Printed and etched stock display signs are available. Fully customizable display metal and plastic plates are created according to your exact specifications.


Equipment Nameplates

Big City can manufacture long-lasting data nameplates for industry applications such as machinery, vehicles and others in interior or exterior environments. Metal and plastic name tags can also be created. Our DOT & Hazmat placards are always in stock. Valve tags for pipe identification are available to attach to valves and controls in pipe applications. Our plastic and metal valve tags are in stock blank, and are also fully customizable with stamping and engraving.

Aluminum, Brass, and Steel Name Plates

Big City Manufacturing offers nameplates in a variety of metals including stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Whether you need identification for your products and services, equipment, inventory and assets, safety and operational needs, we can create a perfect solution for you. Metal nameplates for appliances, equipment, tools, machinery, pipelines, valves, computers and more are all produced with the highest quality.