Propen M3000

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propen m3000

Handy Marking Solution

The Propen M3000 Handheld Marking Machine allows you total freedom to mark parts and equipment that are difficult if not impossible to mark using other marking systems. It can provide you with the capability to mark your own tags, plates and parts on site or in the field. The M3000 is available in two configurations: Pneumatic, which runs off of your shop air compressor; or Electromagnetic, which can be run on shop power or truly portable using the supplied battery pack. The marking tool is equipped with a tungsten carbide point to ensure micro percussion marking.

Easy To Use

The M3000 and it's supplied battery pack are ready to use right out of the box. With the integrated, easy to use software, built in screen and removeable keyboard make it a totally independent marking solution. It's ergonomic design allows for either left or right handed operation. It can operate on it's supplied Ni-Cd battery or can be powered directly from the mains supply or with the pneumatic machine, just connect the air supply from your air compressor and you're ready to start marking.

Low Maintenance and Cost effective

The reliable mechanics of the M3000 requires very little maintenance. This machine requires no additional consumables to operate making it a very cost effective marking solution.

portable marking machineVersatile

The M3000 will mark horizontal and verticle surfaces. It can be used on flat, concave, convex and circular applications. The M3000 can be used to mark a variety of materials including, metals, plastics, grp, wood and others.


The M3000 can be applied to a variety of different surfaces and components:

Technical Specifications

Main CharacteristicsEnvironment
Energy pneumatic or electromagnetic Electrical Supply 110VA
Marking Zone 60 x 40mm Operating Temperature 5 to 40C
Characters size from 1 to 30mm in step of 0.1mm Compressed air supply Air pressure 5.5 bar nominal/80 PSI Ø 1/8" pneumatic female gas connector. Equipped with air treatment.
Height of the part to be marked up to 300mm    
Dimensions L=350mm, W=240mm, H=200mm    
Weight 4.5kg    

See it Here

We have the Propen set up for daily production and for equipment demonstrations. Call us at 713-649-7769 for more information or to schedule an appointment to see it in operation. We also have a great inventory of compatible tags to select from.

We look forward to assisting you with your identification needs.